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As arcane magical processes are themselves acausal, the causal techniques utilized to encourage the synchronous correlations which indicate them are not themselves magical.  Rather, they are manipulations and rearrangements of the mundane which make magic more accessible.  Direct access to arcane magical gnosis is thus the initial goal of the Great Work; aeonic operations depend upon conscious, consistent continuity of connection to this current of acausality.  Once this is achieved, causal techniques remain useful since they continue to have the function of facilitating the synchronous resonance – but they are not necessary to the presence of the acausal power within the magician.  The Black Flame previously enkindled has now fully consumed the dross and the magician is refined, adept in the art.  It is only then that this ultimate goal of the Great Work can be pursued: transfiguration of the adept into a personified Black Sun.

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