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The One Conjuration – the singular act of Becoming by which the Adept inverts the correlation of will and perception to become the Totality of Art, the Total Arcana:

My essence immanent, my fullness gaping, my void brimming over,
I have become the core of the black star, the One Point immediate and present,
located nowhere but everywhere manifest

By the same Portals I have entered, now I depart:

All the empty Vessels I have filled, and all the flowing Vessels I have drained,

Diverse unities I distinguish from all : The All-in-One I disjoin from the One-in-All
as All from the One I distinguish

I have illuminated mine I with the shining darkness – as a shadow I cast forth my radiance to
eclipse the world.

As an Eclipse I cast forth my shadow to irradiate the world –

As a World I align my eclipse to illuminate my Shadow.

I have veiled the Black Light and lit the Black Veil.

Now I gaze into the Eye of the Black Sun,

and look within my I.

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