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Inquiries may be directed by email to:  [Inbox not checked very frequently – last checked 10 / 10 / 20]

The Arcanus Ordo Nigri Solis is presently closed to inquiry. While it particularly encourages the collaboration of those with an interest in the metapolitical and occult arts here implied, it is also an order oriented toward esoteric illumination and the perpetuation of traditions of spiritual liberation. As such, we will carefully consider the background, training, knowledge, and expertise of each potential collaborator (or lack thereof), in distinct contrast to those systems of graded initiation aiming to replicate the effect of a mystery school. This is not to say that we eschew meritocratic hierarchy or gnostic authority where it is evident, for it often shines with blackest light in the brightest totality of occultation.


AONS (Colombia) – Link currently inactive

A Spanish language occult resource site and AONS group website based in Bogota, Colombia.  Blending elements of rune magic and the Necronomicon mythos to good effect, a novel system has been developed by this group for the furtherance of occult knowledge.

Ars Falcis – Link currently inactive

Outlining the philosophical, theoretical, and practical framework for the art of necromancy, this is presently the largest single source of information regarding necromancy currently available from the perspective of a practitioner.

A French language occult resource site based in Montreal, Quebec.  This is also the host of the occult periodical “Le Soleil de Minuit”, spanning multiple arts and matters of occult philosophy.

The Library of Knowledge

Taken down – try the WayBackMachine to retrieve some content as it was a vital source for direct magic information, as well as caste classifications. This could be a good supplementation to the Transition page.

Note:  Links from this page are chosen for their exceptional quality, and/or are hosted by groups who embrace the study of aeonic magic, whether officially affiliated or not.  If you have any suggestions, questions or comments feel free to send them to . Please note we do NOT consider requests for link exchanges or web rings.  If a site is good, it is good, and will be judged on its own merit, not whether or not it reciprocates a link back to AONS.  However, of course, links to our main page are appreciated and we would be interested in reviewing any sites that have done so.

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