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The Arcane Order of the Black Sun – AONS – explores the significance, influence and ramifications of occult, esoteric, and magical practices in the context of psycho-historic models and their application. Such constructs have been found to be particularly useful in framing the interaction of individual practitioners with the wider socio-cultural mesocosm. In its role as a “between-space” in which correspondences between acausal and causal realities are manifest, the “present moment” of history itself acts as a nexion whereby arcane influences can be generated, dispersed, or directed.

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This world-nexion is now particularly apt as a context for such influence, in its presently transitional condition between an age of increasingly redundant nationalism and materialism, and the threshold of a fully globalized society which casts the digital radiance of the “information age” backward as its shadow. As responses to this potential crisis vary, so too will their results.  All possibilities, from transhumanist utopia, occult synarchy, even adventurous economic alternatives such as syndicalism and neo-feudalism, to renewed totalitarianism or outright anarchy and chaos all become accessible sources of metapolitical inspiration and power. Therefore only a fully metapolitical understanding can hope to provide the precision and detachment necessary to sustain a social order suitable to the continuing development of, and ultimate exaltation of, the spiritual and heroic potential of the species.

Inevitably, many causal forms of the present age will either decay and pass away or be thrown down. As old barriers are broken, the potent passions unleashed may yet surge through time and carry humanity to the stars.

Or drown it.

Many might look upon the Black Sun, some behold its dark light, and others see its bright darkness, but Few know its diamond singularity

Fewer still may wear it, some as a ring of binding, others as a ring of power, and the Sole and Unique One — as a Crown.

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